Celebrating Dr. Mike Gibson’s Retirement

On December 9th we joined a handful of friends to celebrate Dr. Mike Gibson’s retirement dinner in Spokane, Washington.

Dr. Gibson has been our beacon of hope for more than 40 years and we were honored to have the opportunity to express our gratitude for all that he has done for SSADH patients.

Over the past 40 years while his career moved him around the United States, he remained focused on gaining a better understanding and documenting the impact of SSADH Deficiency on our patient population.

He constantly engaged his students and peers into his efforts towards uncovering possible treatments and therapeutic solutions.

He worked relentlessly to leverage the NIH, NINDS, college review boards and every other entity he thought might be able to help in this mission.

His connections, dedication and commitment have been monumental and for that we remain eternally thankful!

Dr. Gibson’s work on SSADH Deficiency hasn’t changed the world, but surly it has changed the world for the SSADH patients and families.

Cheers to Dr. Gibson and a blissfully relaxing, and fulfilling retirement!