SSADH Research Grant Program

The SSADH Association is constantly looking to develop and test strategies leading to improved quality of life, and ultimately a cure for SSADH.

The SSADH Association is interested in supporting:

The development of new approaches to SSADH biology using cellular and animal systems.

Clinical trials using appropriate, objective outcome criteria keeping in mind the response to, and side effects of therapeutic strategies
(i.e. pharmacological treatment, diet etc).

We also welcome any other ideas that would minimize the symptoms of SSADH.

We appreciate your interest in SSADH.



For interested parties, please submit a Letter of Intent (400-500 words) including:

  1. Objective
  2. Hypothesis or hypotheses to be tested
  3. Research Institution or Facility
  4. Approximate amount of funding requested
  5. Approximate timeline for research project

Letters of Intent should be submitted to:

SSADH Association
PO Box 180622
Delafield, WI  53018
phone: 414-587-8828

Please submit questions to:

Letters of Intent will be reviewed by the Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee.