SSADH Consortium (SDIC)

The SSADH Virtual Conference was held on July 9 and 10, 2020. The top SSADH researchers and clinicians from around the world shared updates for medical professionals and patient families. Over 300 attendees registered, representing 25 countries and every continent. The proceedings from the event will be published as a supplement in the Journal of Child Neurology in early 2021.

A positive outcome from the conference is the creation of the SSADH Deficiency Investigators Consortium (SDIC).  The SDIC is a group of medical professionals who have committed to collaborate on SSADH research.

This consortium will be made up of the worlds SSADH leading experts from a medical and clinical focus.  Drs. Phillip Pearl, Mike Gibson, J-G Roullet, Melissa DiBacco and Thomas Opladen extended an invitation to key members of the community to form the group with the goal being to foster ongoing collaboration and include this group in authorship on a wide range of manuscript submissions currently in progress emanating from the natural history study and other projects. This consortium will include citation in PubMed and other literature searches and can be used for academic promotion and productivity.